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Learn about Wastch Pup founder Debbie Thomas

Hi! I'm Debbie Thomas, founder of Wasatch Pup. With a passion for puppies, I have spent the last decade of my life dedicated to studying, researching, and breeding dogs that are easily trained, healthy from the get-go, and that can quickly adapt to your family.

  • I health test every breeding dog to ensure healthy puppies.
  • Each breeding dog lives in a guardian home with a wonderful family.
  • Every puppy is raised with the Puppy Culture Method. This technique helps ensure they are able to develop healthy, trusting relationships with their human family, and helps them be more trainable from the start.

It's been an absolutely joy to hear back from my happy clients. Let me tell you about Wasatch Pup families, they have loved their experience finding their new pet, and walk away with the knowledge and tools to make training a puppy as easy as possible.

Are you ready to welcome your new friend home? Let's get started!

When you purchase a puppy from Wasatch Pup it is a complete, guided-experience from the first phone call until your puppy is trained.

  • You will receive a printable guide packet to help you through everything.
  • Shots and when to get them done,
  • Eating schedules and food suggestions,
  • Supplies you will need
  • Details info about your pup’s care from day one that ensures he grows into an amazing adult dog.

Your concerns will be addressed quickly with either a phone call or a text message that will help make this a fun and learning experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people search for years to solve life's most difficult challenges; anxiety, depression, health struggles, low self-worth and finding purpose.

Would you believe me if I told you that owning a dog can create long-lasting hope and healing? A dog can provide secure attachment and unconditional love. A puppy can teach resilience to the young and provide a sense of purpose and companionship for the elderly.

The spotlight is now on the pup!

"Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! Ellie is the absolute best, she is SO perfect for our family like you said she would be. She is SO smart, sweet, SUPER FAST, and so loving!! We are all obsessed with her!"

- J.R. Martinez,
Dancing with the Stars Champion

J.R. Martinez and his family pick up their Wasatch Pup
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