Bernedoodle Dam: Roz

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Bernedoodle Dam Roz


About Roz

Our beautiful bernedoodle is the daughter of one of our favorite veteran dams, Willow, and she sure does have a lot in common with her mother. Roz weighs in at 58 lbs, 26 inches and will carry large litters. Here is what her gaurdian home has to say about her: "Roz is definitely half Bernese Mountain Dog, because she's a total goofball! She loves to wait until you notice her, then flop over on her back for belly rubs. If she hears you laughing about something, she will come running to be included in the fun. We love how she acts around our toddler son. Whenever we're in the backyard, she'll stay within a few feet of him and position herself between him and anything "dangerous," like a window well or the lawn mower. Until you throw a ball, that is. Then she's after it! Roz is so eager to please, especially if there's treats involved. She is VERY food motivated, and can hear the treat jar being opened from anywhere in the house. The one command she has a hard time with following is "STAY" because why would she "stay" when she could be right by your side? She literally sits on our feet at mealtimes, lays her head on my lap if I'm sitting down, and scratches at the door of I don't let her in the bathroom while I pee. One of my favorite things about Roz is how much she seems to smile. When she's especially happy, her tongue falls out of the side of her mouth and it's the most adorable thing in the world."