Puppy Love, A Care Guide by Wasatch Pup

Everything you need to know when you take your new puppy home! Congratulations!! If you are reading this, then you have adopted an amazing puppy from Wasatch Pup and your life is about to change for the better! Adopting a dog as a companion in your home can be so rewarding and wonderful, adjusting to…

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When is my female ready to breed?


Female dogs go into heat anytime around 6 months to a year and will continue to have regular heats usually every 6-8 months.  It is recommended that you wait until her second heat before breeding her.  If you are planning on breeding her more than once most breeders do it back to back with every…

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Now that you’ve bred your female!


Remember do not let her go to the bathroom for a few hours after breeding. At 3 weeks switch her to puppy food.  I use Purina Pro Plan Puppy At 4-5 Weeks text Debbie to schedule an ultrasound or have an ultrasound done at your closet vet. At 7 weeks along I usually do an…

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Benefits of Having a Dog

A family dog could help your preschooler learn social and emotional skills, study finds This article was posted on KSL: Click here to see the original article. ALANTA (CNN) — With our busy schedules and reliance on technology for entertainment, it’s hard for little ones to get enough of the outdoor physical activity that’s crucial…

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