Red and White Goldendoodle Dam: Juliet

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Goldendoodle Dam Juliet


About Juliet

As a Goldendoodle, Juliette is the most loving, motherly dog I’ve ever owned! Her half Golden Retriever personality really shines through with her loving demeanor and her love for activities such as swimming, fetching, and even actual rock climbing. This brave and loyal girl will follow her owners to the ends of the earth. She lives in a guardian home alongside Romeo, our Moyen poodle stud. Romeo and Juliet live the best dog lives ever as the best of friends, they spend their days playing, hiking, camping, and cuddling.

Juliet is so calm and endearing and just wants to sit by you and be cuddled, pet, and loved.  She is beyond obedient, staying right by our side with or without a leash, and always behaving as if she genuinely wants to make our lives easier. She weighs about 20 pounds. She does not shed one bit, has the tightest curls, and her puppies come with full breeding rights.