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About Goldendoodles

If you want to learn more about buying a Mini Goldendoodle puppy, check out about this incredible breed.

Goldendoodles are quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, Goldendoodles combine the best features of these two very different dog breeds. Here are a few reasons owning a Goldendoodle is an amazing decision.

  • Non-Shedding/ Hypoallergenic:
    Goldendoodles are generally non-shedding and hypoallergenic with minimal dander. If you want a completely non-shedding Goldendoodle than a second-generation litter is your best choice or otherwise called an F1B Goldendoodle.
  • Natural Athletes/Natural Cuddle Buddies:
    Goldendoodles love to exercise! They are great running partners or hiking buddies, but also LOVE to lounge around the house on the sofa and just snuggle down.
  • They are Highly Intelligent:
    Poodles consistently rank as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, while Golden Retrievers are also recognized as above average in terms of intelligence. Poodles are the second smartest dogs in the world with Golden Retrievers being ranked 4th.
  • Great with Kids:
    Goldendoodles get their lovable personality from the Golden Retriever, which is widely regarded as an excellent family dog. They are not aggressive and just want to be loved and a part of the family.
  • Hybrid Vigor:
    Goldendoodles are known to benefit from the phenomenon of “hybrid vigor”, which is a great benefit of cross-breeding. Sometimes full-bred dogs can suffer from a variety of disorders as a result of generations of inbreeding. Goldendoodles have a much lower incidence of these disorders thanks to the genetic diversity of poodles and Golden Retrievers. They have less Hip dysplasia and arthritis than other larger dogs.
  • Excellent Service Dogs:
    Goldendoodles were originally bred as service ice dogs because of their great dispositions and love of humans combined with their incredible intelligence and calm presence.
  • To wrap up a Goldendoodle in one sentence I would say that they are affectionate, smart, playful, athletic dogs that love to please and cuddle.

Meet our Goldendoodle Puppies

If you are looking for the perfect family dog, consider a Goldendoodle! Goldendoodles are one of my very favorite breeds of dogs! They are the best family dogs you can buy! They tend to have a calm, pleasing demeanor and just want to please their families. However they are also a very capable and active breed.

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