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What is
a Guardian Home

We place breeding prospect dogs and puppies in loving homes with local families. We retain breeding rights on that specific dog for a duration and/or fixed number of litters.

This is not for people interested in breeding dogs themselves, but rather a program for those interested in supporting our program and receiving a very high-quality puppy without the high cost.

Dam, Juliet nursing her puppies.


Guardian homes should have a basic understanding and experience with dogs.

We ask that you are able to:
● Train your dog/puppy basic commands and manners
● Exercise and care for your puppy/dog
● Socialize your dog
● Your dog must also be an inside dog

If you have any other dogs in your home they must be Spayed or Neutered and are friendly with other dogs.

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Guardian homes must be able to provide for, care for, and love for their dog, that includes but not limited to:

● Have a fenced and secure backyard
● Dog must be in a crate or attached to a seatbelt in the car
● Puppy can not be taken out or exposed to other dogs until fully vaccinated
● If you are traveling/vacationing you must inform us and find appropriate care for your dog.

We ask that you provide a caring and loving environment for our dogs to grow in.


As a Guardian home it is your responsibility to make sure your puppy and dog receive and stay up to date on ALL vaccinations and regular vet appointments, you are required to send the breeder proof of vaccination records. It is a requirement that your dog is healthy and fully vaccinated.