Abstract Poodle Gem Stud: Everette

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Everette - AKC Abstract Poodle Gem Stud
My Hidden Treasure

Everette is a mini 11 pound AKC poodle he makes the most incredible puppies! This little guy has a very soft, THICK, perfectly curled coat with two copies of CC (the curly coat gene and FF the fluffy face gene). He has a very short nose and little Teddy Bear, blocky face. He will look like a teddy bear puppy his whole life! He is 2.5 years old and has perfect dna.

I use him for my females all the time. He produces large gorgeous, perfectly proportioned puppies.

He throws puppies that have white patches on them and he carries Tri and parti so he will throw beautiful colors with Australian Shepherds, Bernese, goldendoodles labradoodles, Maltese, cavaliers, etc etc and any other colorful dog. His litters have consistently been 8-13 puppies.

Everette has the sweetest personality with no bad habits! He is a beautiful animal! Loves to be with his people and to just please everyone around him. He is brilliant and was so easy to train!

Poodles are the 2nd smartest dogs in the world! Mixing him with any other dog cleans up genetics, tightens loose lip, slobbery dogs, creates hypoallergenic dogs and makes them easier to train!

I have been doing this for nine years and I’ve had incredible success. I keep my clients happy and want you to also have incredible success. I perform to AI‘s at my home when her progesterone is at the perfect level.