Mini Poodle Stud: Goose

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Mini Poodle Stud Services by doggy dad, Goose.

Goose - Mini Poodle Stud

Red Goose is a stunning deep red mini poodle stud with strong red lines generations back.


  • AKC/CKC registered
  • 12 pounds
  • Stands 12 inches from shoulder to ground
  • Health tested and clear of any diseases
  • Great healthy hips
  • Perfect OFA tested eyes
  • Master stud, proven many times
  • He carries two copies of both the CC curl and the FF furnishing genes.
  • 700 million sperm count last breeding

Personality & Characteristics

  • Goose is an incredibly intuitive, smart dog that has been surrounded by love his entire life.
  • He loves other dogs and children.
  • Goose is a very athletic little poodle and loves to hike and go on walks. He was so easy to train! He makes our family incredibly happy with his sweet but fun personality.
  • He makes the most incredibly adorable, teddy bear faced puppies.
  • I have sold all his puppies for $2,000 - $2,200!
  • His last several liters have produced 8-13 puppies!! They are all tiny, red, and curly!

Schedule Goose

  • Cost: $1,000.00

A Few of Goose's Puppies