Red Mini Poodle: Goose

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About Goose

Goose is a stunning deep red mini poodle stud with strong red lines that go generations back. He is AKC/CKC registered, weighs in at 11 pounds and stands 12 inches from shoulder to ground. His size is perfect for getting proportionate-sized miniature golden-doodles. Goose is an incredibly intuitive, smart dog that has been surrounded by love his entire life. He loves other dogs and children. He is happiest laying on our laps and being pet. Goose is a very athletic little poodle and loves to hike and go on walks. He was so easy to train! He makes our family incredibly happy with his sweet but fun personality. These traits will be passed down to his puppies! He makes the most incredibly adorable, teddy bear-faced puppies. I have sold all his puppies this year for 3,500.00! His Akc poodle pups have sold for 7,000!

About Us

I have 9 years of experience in the breeding business. I love to make this a fun, exciting process and I gladly walk you through everything right down to the last day! I’ve met so many amazing people and love my job so much. I truly care about your success in making the greatest puppies in the world.

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Cost: 1,000