Moyen Poodle Dam


Jo loves being outside, and gets very excited when she sees her leash and harness. She LIVES for going on walks and literally squeals with excitement.

Paw for Wasatch Pups


Jo is the sweetest little thing. She loves balls and playing fetch, and she'll chase a ball around the house even if no one is throwing it for her. (She actually looks like a cat chasing a ball of yarn.)
She also really loves snuggling. The first thing she does every morning when my husband leaves for work is jump onto the bed and snuggle up right against my chest.
Jo's favorite place in the house is perched on the back of the couch in front of the window so she can watch everything outside.
When it comes to her interactions with people, we often joke that Jo is more like a cat. We often feel like she's "judging" us, because of the way she just watches us. She's definitely a mommy's girl, though, because she follows me from room to room all day long.
Jo is also a bit snooty about her food. She always has to make sure there's nothing better in the other dog's bowl, and she has to sniff around under the dining table before she'll eat her food.

Moyen Poodle Dam Wasatch Pup


Why Jo

Whenever we're around other people, we always get comments on Jo's fantastic coloring. Her tri-color parti coloring is so unique and just adorable, everyone wants to know what kind of "doodle" she is. They're always so surprised to find out she's "just a poodle."


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