Now that you've bred your female!

Breeding Pawsitivity

After Your Appointment


Remember, do not let her go to the bathroom for a few hours after breeding. If you pick her up at all, avaoid contact with her tummy. Keep her away from other breedable males. Bring her back if she has a second breeding.

Your female can go about life as normal.  Sometimes they may get a little nauseated and throw up, this is normal, just like humans dogs get morning sickness.

When is she due?

She will be due about 63 days from the first breeding date.  I use the Dog Pregnancy Calculator website to determine the due dates for my Dams.

3 Weeks

At this time you should switch her to puppy food. I use Purina Pro Plan Puppy. This would also be a good time so start any pregnancy supplements you choose give.

4-5 Weeks

You will want to get an ultrasound done at this time. Text Debbie to schedule a complimentary  ultrasound with us, or have an ultrasound done at your closet vet.

7 Weeks

At this point, I usually do an X-Ray to confirm how many puppies she will be birthing. This is not required, but it is very helpful, it makes it nice so you’re not sitting around waiting for hours for another puppy when she is done.

What will I need?

We always get this question!! This is why we have linked all of the products we use for our pregnant Dams! Click here to see our Pregnant Dams product list. (Purchasing products linked from our website gives us a small commission, without adding any cost to you.)