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Stud: Romeo

Dam: Sammy

Born On: March 21, 2021


$500 deposit required to reserve your puppy.
$3,500 Girls
$3,500 Boys

Stud Romeo
Stud: Romeo
Dam Sammy
Dam: Sammy

Multigenerational Sheepadoodle

Stud: Murphy

Dam: Sammy

Delivered On: September 16, 2020

Available For Pick Up: November 16, 2020

12 Puppies born!


$500 deposit required to reserve your puppy.
$3,000 Each

Multigenerational Sheepadoodle

Stud: Murphy

Dam: Sammy


Stud: Muphy

Dam: Sammy

Current Litter

Delivered On: Friday, October 9, 2020

Available For Pick Up: December 4, 2020

Debbie cuddling two sheepadoodle puppies for sale.

About Sheepadoodle Puppies For Sale

The Sheepadoodle is a hybrid, designer dog that breeders started breeding to make a dog with the intelligence and activeness of the Old English sheepdog, combined with the family-friendly and low shedding characteristics of the poodle. When crossbred, they create a very special pet, the sheepadoodle. You won't be able to resist falling in love! When you take this incredible dog out into pubic, people will turn their heads to look at the gorgeous black and white coat, and blocky, friendly-face of your stunning sheepadoodle.

Here are some great reasons to add one of these fantastic dogs to your family:

  • SMART!!
    Sheepadoodles are brilliantly well-rounded as pets. They are intelligent and active, but also, very calm, social, and obedient.
    They are a family favorite if you have small children because they tend to be quiet around little ones, which is an excellent trait, especially if your baby needs a nap.
    Sheepadoodles get along well with other dogs and pets, they are not overbearing or domineering. They are social, sweet, non-aggressive animals.
    Sheepadoodles are non-shedding, hypoallergenic and have gorgeous wavy, thick coats
    Sheepadoodles are confident and super easy to train. They always want the approval of Mom and Dad and are incredibly fast learners. They are very obedient.
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Gallery of our past sheepadoodle puppy litters

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Sheepadoodle Mom and Dad

The sheepadoodle are the sweetest, gentle giants that are eager to please and learn. They will be your child's best friend.

Bernadoodle Waiting Patiently

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