Stud Services

Let us help you sire a large, high-quality puppy litter. Studding services are available for Dams across the United States.

Meet Our Pack

We’re proud to offer a stunning lineup of AKC health-tested stud dogs, each of which has passed our rigorous health and genetic tests. They have proven themselves to produce large, high-quality litters with amazing personalities and family-friendly characteristics. (I will update all this verbiage later but it’s fine for now)

About Studding Services

  • Our stud fee includes two in-person inseminations or one vet-evaluated collection if the sample is being shipped. Payment is due after the first insemination.
  • We do all of our in person breedings through artificial insemination so our studs are able to breed with any sized dog.
  • We can ship semen nationwide.
  • If you live in the Salt Lake Valley we recommend using South Mountain Pet Care in Draper for progesterone testing and TCI. (Vet charges are extra.)
  • Our studs have provided females with huge liters. Some of our litters included 13-16 gorgeous tiny puppies!
  • We offer a free ultrasound at 4-5 weeks with each breeding, if you are local and can come to us.
  • If your female doesn’t take, you will be eligible for a free rebreed on her next heat. (Progesterone testing is highly recommended.)
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