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We're proud to offer a stunning lineup of AKC health-tested stud dogs, each of which has passed our rigorous health and genetic tests. They have proven themselves to produce large, high-quality litters with amazing personalities and family-friendly characteristics. Click on the stud below to learn more about them.

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Debbie with Stud Romeo


Romeo is a health-tested, AKC Moyen Parti Poodle.



Bill is a health-tested AKC chocolate parti toy poodle.

Debbie with Stud Goose


Goose is a deep red AKC Mini Poodle.

Duckie - Wasatch Pup Stud


Duckie is an intense red AKC/CKC Mini Poodle with deep color.



Bobo is the sweetest phantom tri-color AKC Mini Poodle.



Blue is a perfect Blue Merle Frenchie Stud.

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Let us help you
Start your kingdom

Let us help you sire a large, high-quality puppy litter. Studding services are available for dams across the United States.

Debbie Thomas and Wasatch Pup Stud, Romeo
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Our stud fee includes two in-person inseminations or one vet-evaluated collection if the sample is being shipped. Payment is due after the first insemination.

We do all of our in person breedings through artificial insemination so our studs are able to breed with any sized dog.

We can ship semen nationwide.

If you live in the Salt Lake Valley we recommend using South Mountain Pet Care in Draper for progesterone testing and TCI. (Vet charges are extra.)

Our studs have provided females with huge liters. Some of our litters included 13-16 gorgeous tiny puppies!

We offer a free ultrasound at 4-5 weeks with each breeding, if you are local and can come to us.

If your female doesn’t take, you will be eligible for a free rebreed on her next heat. (Progesterone testing is highly recommended.)

How it works


Wondering how to purchase a Wasatch Pup service? Check out the wheel to the right to see our most commonly asked questions.

Shipping Semen

We next-day ship all over the United States. Semen is frozen and viable for 48 hours from the time it is shipped, for you to receive and chill it.

Health Testing

All of our studs are thoroughly tested and found free of any genetic malformations, and passed with a clean bill of health.

When will my dog be due?

Your dog's pregnancy will last 63 days. Puppies need to stay with their mom for 8 weeks postpartum.

When will my dam be ready?

The dam should be tested by a veterinarian to ensure her progesterone levels indicate her level is ripe for conception.

What is the process?

AI or TCI?

We provide a complete guide on how to inseminate your female so you can decide the best option for breeding.

What do I need?

When you schedule your stud services from Wasatch Pup, we will walk through with you everything that you will need.