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Mini Poodles

Stud: Bill

Dam: Phoebe

Delivered: June 11, 2022

$500 deposit required to reserve your puppy.



Meet the litter!

What's the process to buy a puppy?

Step 1:

Two moyen-pooles rolling around and playing on the carpet.

Browse available puppies and see what speaks to you.

Via texting or phone ask lots of questions!

  • Is this dog available?
  • How much is going to weigh?
  • When was he born?
  • Are there any issues I need to be aware of?
  • Are you local to me, or out of town?

If you have found her, secure your puppy with a deposit. Set up a time to pick up the dog.

Step 2:

Brown mini doodle kissing its pal dog.

Pick up your puppy.

Decide how you will receive your puppy, either in person or via shipping. We send you home with some basic supplies for your new furry friend including;

  • A blanket with their mother’s scent
  • Bones, toys, and a baggy of the food they are used to
  • Updated shot list, deworming, and health vet check information
  • Future shot schedule

Step 3:

Brown Cavapoo with adorable eyes.

Start Training Your Puppy!

Bring your new dog home with our complete training guide, called "Puppy Love". In this extensive guide, you can see everything I do to train a puppy including what food and supplies they will need, health tips, and more.

If you have questions, concerns, or need support you can text me. Your pup will take on the energy of your home, so relax. It’s going to be messy for a bit, but after a couple of messy months, your family will have years of enjoyment with your new pup!

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