Wasatch Pup Dams

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Meet the moms of our amazing litters!

At Wasatch Pup we employ guardian homes for our dams. Plus, a few of our moms are our personal family pets! We are as picky about the homes our moms live in, as we are the health of our puppies.  Read below to find out about the breed, unique traits, and personality of our Wasatch Pup dams. It is so fun to see how the puppies we breed take on their incredible features!

Sweet Boy!


Daisey, a French Bulldog is our newest Wasatch Pup dam. She is DNA tested and is 100% healthy.

Dam Mom Indy


Indy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is the most loving, cuddly dog. She is a service animal for my daughter in college and goes to school with her to comfort her during classes. She sits quietly on her lap without loving or making a noise. Everyone adores her. She is 10 pounds and prefers to lay right next to you no matter what you're doing. She is DNA tested and is 100% healthy.

Wasatch Pup Dam Juliet


As a Goldendoodle, Juliette is the most loving, motherly dog I’ve ever owned!  She is calm and just wants to sit by you and be pet.  She walks right by us without a leash.  She weighs about 20 pounds.  She does not shed one bit, and her puppies come with full breeding rights.

Dam Mom Lyla


Lyla is an AKC health-tested poodle. She doesn't shed. She is an incredibly smart animal, with a fun loving personality. She mothers all of the dogs, not just her own pups. She is very sweet and good-natured. She is a great family dog, amazing around kids and submissive.



Maya is a health tested F1 Goldendoodle, which is a combination of a Golden Retriever and a poodle. She is very smart, obedient, easy to train, and doesn’t shed.  She is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever had! She is submissive and will lay down and put her head down at the slightest request. Her demeanor is gentle, she is an amazing mother to her little puppies.

Dam Mom Paisley


Paisley is an health-tested AKC tri-parti poodle with black, brown and white fur. She is fun loving and doesn’t shed. She is excellent with little kids. (She lives with a family that has five kids, including tiny little babies and is so gentle with them!) Poodles are prissy and dainty, she fits the mold perfectly with her gentle demeanor and quick intellect! She is so easy to train. Outgoing and fun, Paisely can run! She can run for miles and miles and not get tired.

Dam Mom Phoebe


Phoebe is the sweetest, health-tested AKC Standard Poodle, she is on the dainty shade only weighing 32 pounds. She is very petite and prissy. Doesn’t like to get dirty and loves to be pampered. Phoebe is a very gentle, loving, and loyal family pet and I'm sure her puppies will all be just as great! She will sit at your feet and keep you company all day. She enjoys cuddling, loves to play outside and loves the water. She is very gentle and is constantly around little kids and SHE LOVES children. Kids will try and tug at her and she just sits there and takes it. She is an amazing mama!

Dam Mom Willow


Willow is a stunning, health tested, blocky AKC Bernese mountain dog who loves to be snuggled and pet! She is a very affectionate dog that loves to be around her humans. She thinks she is a lap dog. Willow is a lover, with a sweet, fun-loving personality! Anyone who meets her falls in love. She is a gentle giant that is careful with her big blocky body not to be too rough. She is a perfect, loving, gentle mother and her puppies have all been incredible, loving adult dogs.