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A dog is such a great companion. It helps with loneliness and depression. A dog will pick up on disability. For a child, she can be a teacher in taking on responsibility, and how to give and receive love unconditionally.

Our Breeds


A cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a standard poodle, bernedoodles are the perfect companion for active, young families. We breed the standard and mini bernadoodle.

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Families love golden doodles! As a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle, these pups are eager to please, super laid back, and play well with others. These dogs thrive as therapy dogs.

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A sheepadoodle combines the fluff of an Old English sheepdog and the intelligence of a poodle. Known for their soft fur and gentle demeanor, you won't find a more loyal or affectionate family dog.

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Cross pairing a King Charles Cavalier and a poodle creates a fun-loving, cheerful, companion pet known as the cavapoo. Great for children over six, to be sure this little friend stays safe from roughhousing, this breed tends to be easy to train, outgoing and playful.

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Moyen Poodle

With a pleasant temperament, high intelligence, and natural obedience, a moyen poodle is a great option for adoption. As a medium-size poodle, this energetic pup requires an active lifestyle, and does best with a family on the go!

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Our Dogs & Other Services


The way we care for our dams is evidence of our belief in how important it is to properly look after animals. As the owner of Wasatch Pup, I care for several females as my own, the others live in loving guardian homes. Each dam receives the highest quality nutrition, supplements, medical care, and loving environment.

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Studs and Studing Services

If you are looking to breed your own litter, we can supply a puppy daddy. Check out our list of available studs, and learn more about our studding services, available across the U.S.

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Adventure Awaits

Learn all about Wasatch Pup's litter of services.

Studding Services

We ship all across the US and can be a resource for you, understanding the hows and whats of your next puppy adventure!


Available Puppies

See available breeds, photos of the mom and dad, and circle your calendar for the week your puppy can be ready for pickup.

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Have a question about picking a pup, raising a dog, what supplies you will need, or what do if you want to create your own litter?

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Puppy Culture Method

When they leave our care your puppy will be submissive & trainable. This method teaches dogs to love humans and to feel safe around people.

Past Litters

Want to see what kind of dogs we have bred? You will fall in love with these animals. Click here to see photos of our past sold litters.

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Meet Our Dams

Get to know our incredible moms. See photos and learn about the exceptional dogs who carry and deliver our Wasatch Pups. They are gorgeous!

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Past Litters

Want to see what kind of dogs we have bread? Click here to learn more!

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Get to know our moms and dads. See photos and read bios of our furry friends.

Summer 2020 Puppy Highlights!

“Working with Deb was SO easy, stress-free and an absolute pleasure from beginning to end! She was extremely helpful and always available to answer all of my questions as a first-time puppy mom – and I had A LOT. She always took the time to give me the best information to make sure we were choosing the best puppy for our family. We absolutely love our newest little family member who is super healthy, gorgeous, and maturing into the sweetest, best puppy ever!“

- The J.R. Martinez Family

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What's the process to buy a puppy?

Step 1:

Two moyen-pooles rolling around and playing on the carpet.

Browse available puppies and see what speaks to you.

Via texting or phone ask lots of questions!

  • Is this dog available?
  • How much is going to weigh?
  • When was he born?
  • Are there any issues I need to be aware of?
  • Are you local to me, or out of town?

Set up a time to set up the dog. If you have found her, secure your puppy with a deposit.

Step 2:

Brown mini doodle kissing its pal dog.

Pick up your puppy.

Decide how you will receive your puppy, either in person or via shipping. We send you home with some basic supplies for your new furry friend including;

  • A blanket with mother’s scent
  • Bones, toys and food
  • Updated shot list, deworming, and health vet check information
  • Future shot schedule

Step 3:

Brown Cavapoo with adorable eyes.

Start Training Your Puppy!

Bring your new dog home our complete training guide. In this 10-page outline you can see everything I do to train a puppy including what food, supply that they will need.

If you have questions, concerns or need support you can text me. Your pup will take on the energy of your home, so relax. It’s going to be messy for a bit, but after a couple messy months your family will have years of enjoyment!

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for information about our upcoming litters!