Product Development


Product Timeline

Spring 2024

Dog Supplement Treats
Specialized Slicker Brush
PP Pads

Summer/Fall 2024

Pet Corrector Spray
Essential Leash and Collar Set
Shampoo & Conditioner
Bark Collar
Whelping Box

2024 and Beyond

Smart Kennel
Calming Chews/Oil
Dog Lick Bowl
Reusable Pee pads
Blow Drier
Vacuum Clipper System
Pellet Bedding
Toy Collection
Dog Food Formula

The Wasatch pup Story

Explore Debbie’s profound journey founding Wasatch Pup—fueled by her love for dogs and a passion to make a positive impact through canine companionship. Discover the values and commitment shaping this exceptional breeding program, dedicated to providing not just dogs but cherished family members, fostering joy, love, and unique connections in homes.

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