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10 Cup Pee Pads

Wasatch Pup 10-Cup Capacity Pee Pads – the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking a reliable and efficient way to manage their furry friend’s indoor potty needs. Crafted with absorbency, durability, and convenience in mind, these pee pads provide a clean and hassle-free solution for both puppies and senior dogs.

Key Features:

  1. High Absorbency: The Wasatch Pup 10-Cup Capacity Pee Pads are designed with a super-absorbent core that quickly locks in moisture, preventing leaks and odors. This high-absorbency feature makes them ideal for use during potty training, for indoor-dwelling pets, or for older dogs with incontinence issues.
  2. Large Coverage Area: With a generous 10-cup capacity, these pee pads offer ample coverage, ensuring that accidents are effectively contained. The large size provides a comfortable space for your pet to relieve themselves while minimizing the risk of messes around the designated area.
  3. Leak-Resistant Design: The Wasatch Pup pee pads feature a leak-proof backing that prevents liquids from seeping through to your floors. This added layer of protection ensures that your home stays clean and hygienic, even during those unavoidable accidents.
  4. Quick-Drying Technology: The quick-drying technology incorporated into these pee pads helps to keep the surface dry, promoting a comfortable experience for your pet and reducing the need for frequent pad changes.
  5. Built-in Attractant: To aid in potty training, the Wasatch Pup pee pads are infused with a built-in attractant that encourages your pet to use the designated area. This feature is particularly beneficial for puppies, making training more effective and efficient.
  6. Versatile Use: Whether you’re potty training a new puppy, managing the needs of an older dog, or providing a convenient indoor option for your pet, these pee pads are versatile and suitable for a variety of situations.
  7. Convenient Pack Size: The Wasatch Pup pee pads are available in a convenient pack size, ensuring that you always have an ample supply on hand. This is especially useful during the initial stages of potty training or for households with multiple pets.
  8. Easy to Dispose: Changing and disposing of used pee pads is a breeze. Simply fold and discard, keeping your living space clean and odor-free. The disposable nature of these pads adds to the overall convenience for pet owners.

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