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Paw Fresh Pet Cleaner

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  • Non-Toxic
  • Enzyme Based Cleaning
  • Cleans While Eliminating Odor


Introducing “Paw Fresh” by Wasatch Pup – the organic enzyme-based pet stain and odor remover that goes beyond clean, offering a natural and effective solution for pet-related messes. This powerful formula is meticulously crafted with organic enzymes that break down stains and eliminate odors at their source, ensuring a thorough and lasting clean.

Paw Fresh is not just a cleaner; it’s a breath of freshness for your home. Free from harsh chemicals and toxins, this eco-friendly solution is safe for both your pets and the environment.

Designed with the pet lover in mind, the Wasatch Pup brand brings you a stain and odor remover that not only works wonders but aligns with your commitment to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Make Paw Fresh your go-to choice for a clean and fresh living space, where the love for your pets meets the purity of organic cleaning.

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